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Birthdate:Mar 12
Location:Carnate Island, Maryland, United States of America
State of Maryland Department of Corrections Confidential Document: Not for Public Release Abbot State Penitentiary Report

Completed by:Supervising Corrections Officer Ethan Edwards____________

Inmate Identification Number:16229A________________________________

Birth Date:March 12, 1974__________________________________________


Weight:180 lbs_____________________________________________________

Hair:Dark brown/Black______________________________________________


Marks/Scars/Tattoos:Large tattoo on small of back._________________

Next of Kin:None.__________________________________________________

Offense:Three counts murder in the first degree. Convicted, August 2nd.

Sentence:Death by lethal injection.________________________________

Release Date:Scheduled date of execution is December 15th._________

Current Legal Status:No appeals pending.___________________________

Date of Transfer:Inmate is sentenced to be transferred to Abbott State Penitentiary on September 1st.________________________________________________

Assigned Housing Unit:D-Block, unit # DX-02._______________________

Medical Status:Inmate claims to be prone to black outs, during which time he has no memory of his actions. No medical data has ever been presented to back up his claim. Inmate has anger management issues.

Notes: Corrections officers will need to be mindful of inmate's safety due to the nature of his crime. D.O.C. regulations prohibit discussion of the specifics of an inmate's crime between officers, but due to the high level of publicity surrounding this inmate's offense I will make an exception: inmate was convicted of killing his ex-wife and two young children. Penitentiary population does not look well on child killers. That said, inmate has a record of violent (and sometimes lethal) altercations during previous sentence carried out at Eastern Correctional Institution. In short: it seems he is able to take care of himself. Despite periodic outbursts of violence (primarily against other inmates), inmate has been very cooperative with corrections personnel. This inmate will need to be watched closely, though the amount of trouble he could cause on death row is minimal.
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